Ryan Vandelft - Principal, Ryzer Sales & Contracting

My name is Ryan Vandelft and I have been serving the building material/construction industry throughout the Pacific Northwest and BC Canada in almost every capacity for over 15 years. My career has taken me from a blue collar carpenter/millwright to a seasoned sales, operations, and business development professional. Furthermore, today God has blessed me with the unique privilege of combining this experience to operate Ryzer Sales & Contracting.

I have the ability to deliver an exceptional product with outstanding service and quality because I understand this industry from top to bottom. I specialize in window/door supply and installation projects, but my broad experience enables me to distribute various building material products for division 7 and 8 locally here in the PNW and beyond our state lines. This all requires a strong business acumen, attention to detail and pure craftsmanship.

I live in Lynden WA, with my wife, three beautiful daughters and bouncing baby boy! I am thrilled to have the opportunity to serve my unique range of clients in whatever challenge or needs they may have.

The story of my business is simple. I have had a longstanding passion of working with building materials and enjoy delivering exceptional service and quality workmanship within this industry. From the formative days I apprenticed as a carpenter and worked in distribution under my dad at Networx, to the years I apprenticed as a Millwright under a seasoned German tradesman, to the recent years I spent in door manufacturing working at Lynden Door, to today, operating Ryzer Sales & Contracting; exceptional service and quality have always been paramount. The journey and experience has been remarkable!

Ryzer is my childhood nickname and it has never left me. My friends called me this because it represented who I was. Ry – short for my name and adding ZER to it represented someone who was always on the cutting edge of something. I was always in charge, leading the way. So the name Ryzer was just natural to call me.

``The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience but in moments of trial and controversy.``